N. Billerica, Ma. 01862
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Cecil Spicer  
Louise Nash (Dundie) ()  
Ronald Earl Anderson  
Mary Edith Anderson (Parsons)  
David Joseph Doucet  
Mary Cecile Doucet (Doucet)  
Patrick Leblanc  
Helen Leblanc (Delaney)  
Melbourne Edward Barber  
June Beverly Barber (Anderson)  
Albert Charles Doucet  
Marie Adele Doucet (LeBlanc)  
Name: Ron Barber
Birth: 1953-03-17 Everett, Ma
Name: Celeste Louise Barber (Doucet)
Birth: 1954-01-13 Sydney, NS Canada
Name Gender Email Birth Death Father Mother
0000-00-00 Ron Celeste (edit)
Sara Denise Williston (Barber) F 1979-03-08 Winchester, Ma Ron Celeste (edit)
Lee Philip Barber M 1981-05-08 Winchester, Ma Ron Celeste (edit)